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​Taekwondo- ​태권도

"태" means foot, leg, or to step on. 

"권" means fist or fight.

"도" means the way or discipline.


​태권도 is a Korean form of martial arts that gives a sense of self-esteem, knowledge of self-defense, and heightened mental and physical well-being. 

Are you ready to master these skills?



Taekwondo kids team

Benefits of Taekwondo


  • Increases focus 

  • Learns to be respectful 

  • Improves patience 

  • Increases discipline 

  • Has fun learning self-defense 


  • Increases focus 

  • Increases self-confidence

  • Learns self-control and respect 

  • Creates a physically fit body and maintains shape​

  • Trains the mind and body 

  • Gains a positive attitude 


  • Improves the body and mind 

  • Maintains a healthy lifestyle

  • Increases stamina

  • Obtains a great workout while learning self-defense techniques 

  • Builds self-confidence

Child and adult Taekwondo teams

6 Leadership Skills Developed through Taekwondo

1. Focus

Martial arts help students develop the ability to pay attention to what is relevant and ignore distractions

2. Discipline

Students will learn the value of doing what is right, even when no one is watching. 

3. Respect

Students are expected to demonstrate respect to their instructors and fellow peers. 

4. Confidence

Students will develop a belief in their abilities.

5. Honesty 

Students will learn to value truthfulness.

6. Communication

Students will develop social skills and be willing to interact within the group environment of martial arts class.

Our Facility

Our Facility


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sparring and form team Taekwondo

Little Ninja
(Ages 4-6)

At this age, children are rapidly growing mentally, physically, and socially. Students will learn flexibility, practice Taekwondo, and do exciting drills that are guaranteed to improve coordination and strengthen child development.

(Ages 7-13)

Our Taekwondo classes are an exciting way for children to stay active and learn self-defense. Classes are designed to help improve flexibility and build strength. Through our classes, our students will develop skills such as: socializing, staying focused, and respecting their peers.

(Ages 13-18)

Focus, respect, and self-discipline are emphasized as each student is challenged to be the best that they can be. Our classes will promote self-confidence and provide skills for a healthy mindset amongst peers. 


(Ages 18+)

Our Adult classes offer a complete training program to foster weight loss and develop strength. Students will develop a strong core, increased stamina, and flexibility. Taekwondo is a great form of exercise that utilizes the whole body making it a versatile martial art for all ages.

Sparring & Form Team

This program utilizes the student’s learned abilities from our other programs and applies it to a specialized sparring form. This will include various drills to increase confidence and expertise. This program will have competitions, and give students an opportunity to demonstrate their skills and achievements.


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