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HK Merch Orders

Orders will be placed April 15th.
Payment can be made in person at the HK office at time of merch pick up.

tee shirt.jpg

HK T-Shirt

HK t-shirts can be worn instead of the dobok uniform top in classes. They offer a lightweight alternative that is perfect for warmer weather.

$25 each

Order a T-Shirt

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HK Zip Hooded Sweatshirt

Stay warm with an HK hooded sweatshirt.

$45 each

Order a Sweatshirt

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face shield larger.png
face shield larger.png

Sparring Face Shield

To better equip students for sparring in competitions, while keeping them safe, we are now offering face shields. Face shields are allowed to be used in practice and in competitions.

$45 each

Order a Face Shield

Thanks for ordering!

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