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Summer Camp: July 22–26, 2024

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Summer camps are open to all students and non-students (friends can attend). No previous taekwondo experience is required. Classes will be limited to 15 students. Attendees must sign up for a full week of classes (no partial weeks).

Summer Camp is July 22–26, 8am–3pm.

Available for students ages 6–13.

Price is $250 per week. Second student in household cost is $200.

What to wear:
Students should dress in comfortable clothing with running shoes (no uniform is required).


Activities each day:  

Taekwondo instruction, fun and games, music time lead by a professional musician, lunch break and quiet time

What to bring:
snack, lunch, water, book for rest time

Join us for camp!

Sign up for summer camp

Thank you for letting us know!

Payment will be collected at the HK Taekwondo office before June 1st.

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